Maintenance updates status

As indicated in my previous post, I am currently in an update maintenance only phase to smoothly prepare for iOS 8.

First application concerned by this phase: SoHO Viewer.

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My roadmap for next months

This little post is to present you what I intend to work on for the next months.

As I will be quite busy due to personal and good reasons, I won't be able to make big updates for the time being. So I will focus on some small, maintenance related, application updates, intended to facilitate iOS 8 migration when the time will come.

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Updates waiting for review

A small post to talk about the updates currently waiting for review.

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All applications iOS 7 compatible

With SpiderChart 2.1 now available, all of my 6 applications currently present on the AppleStore have been updated for iOS 7.

SpiderChart 2.1

As promised an updated version of SpiderChart has been submitted to Apple for validation.

As a fact it was first submitted a week ago but I got to resubmit it after I found an issue with cloud synchronization for devices running on iOS 7.

The interface will remain globally the same, but without wood backgrounds images to better integrate with guidelines for the new iOS.

SpiderChart and iOS 7

In a few days iOS 7 will be released to public, it is a known fact that SpiderChart isn't really running well with this new iOS version.

I am currently working on an update that will fix those issues.

Loyd's Puzzle 2.4.0, Rotary Puzzle 1.4.0, Astro Kit 1.1

Summary of last updates:

Astro Kit - 1.1.0

Waiting for review:
Rotary Puzzle 2 - 1.1.0
Rotary Puzzle - 1.4.0
Loyd's Puzzle - 2.4.0

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Rotary Puzzle 2 - V1.1.0 waiting for review

Rotary Puzzle 2 version 1.1.0 will add Spanish and Portuguese localizations. Memory management is improved.

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Astro Kit 1.1 waiting for review

Astro Kit version 1.1 will add Spanish and Portuguese localizations.

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SpiderChart 2.0.1

SpiderChart 2.0.1 is now available on the AppStore, it fixes a bug present in the previous version causing a crash for iPad users.

SpiderChart 2.0 issue

A bug is present in the last update of SpiderChart causing a crash when launched on iPad.

A fixed version is already waiting for Apple's Approval.

I apology for the inconveniences caused by this situation.

SpiderChart 2.0 waiting for review

The longly awaited spiderchart version 2.0 has finally being submitted to Apple, it is currently waiting for review.Read more…

SoHO Viewer 2.2.2

SoHO Viewer version 2.2.2 is waiting for review.

It correct bugs that appeared in previous update.

Summary of last works

As I haven't posted for a long time, here is a summary of what has been done since last post.

Update for Rotary Puzzle and Loyd's Puzzle
Bug fixes on Soho Viewer's gatewayRead more…

SoHO Viewer notification push rate improved

Soho Viewer push notifications used to be processed twice an hour.
Since a few hours this process is now executed every three minutes.
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Rotary Puzzle 1.3

An update for rotary puzzle has been submitted to the app store, no new functionality but full support of iPad Retina and iPhone 5.

Loyd's Puzzle 2.3

An update for loyd's puzzle has been submitted to the app store, no new functionality but full support of iPad Retina and iPhone 5.

SoHO Viewer 2.2

SoHO Viewer has been updated with new indicators:
- pictures waiting for update
- pictures currently updating

SpiderChart 1.0: waiting for review!

As promised, SpiderChart 1.0 was submitted to apple for validation.
I hope you will see it very soon on your AppStore.

New features :
- database is now synchronized via iCloud
- you can duplicate a spider chart with a long press on the chart list
- you can duplicate a dataset with a long press
- you can choose how to display the grid : no grid, with polygons (like before) or with circles

SpiderChart 1.0

At least the "first real" version of Spiderchart is coming! I plan to submit Spiderchart version 1.0 at the end of this week!

SoHO Viewer 2.0.1

SoHO Viewer is now in version 2.0.1

This version is only mean to fix a possible issue while being connected through a proxy server.

SoHO Viewer 2.0

SoHO Viewer is now in version 2.0.

This version resolves a major fault: SoHO Viewer was always re-downloading all pictures at launch.

I am pleased to announce you this fault is no more. The application now uses a gateway in order to know which pictures has been updated and should be downloaded.

SoHO Viewer update published

I have published a quick update to SoHO Viewer before the big one.

Double tap on a picture to zoom in / zoom out.

SoHO Viewer 1.5 submitted (approved)

I have just submitted an updated version of SoHO Viewer for review.
What is new in this version?
Improved downloading system with better state indicator.Images are now refreshed on screen as soon as the new picture is retrieved. For improving quality for iPhone 4 and iPad users, the images downloaded are now 1024*1024 instead of 512*512. Improved memory management and performance.

SoHO Viewer 1.5 has been approved.

Loyd's Puzzle 1.5

Loyd's puzzle 1.5 is currently waiting for review, this minor update has enhanced graphics for the pieces of the puzzle.

It also solves a bug in multitasking environment where the clock wasn't stopped when you quit the game without having solving it.

For the next update: full retina display compatibility, with an improved GUI experience.

SohoViewer 1.6 (update)

An updated version of SoHO Viewer has been submitted to the AppStore and is currently waiting for review.

It's add the long awaited description of the instruments.

Next version will include French localization.

Update: This upgraded version has been approved and should been available in a few hours.

SohoViewer 1.8 (available on iTunes)

I have just submitted an updated version of SoHO Viewer to the App Store. It is now waiting for review!

MDI images are now replaced by images from the HMI instrument of the Solar Dynamics Observatory.

Pasted Graphic 1


This update is now available as a free download on the iTunes App Store.

Loyd's Puzzle 2.0.5

This update improves graphics on iPad
It also fixes some bugs

Loyd's Puzzle 2.0

The awaited update for Loyd's Puzzle has been submitted!

Pasted Graphic

Improved graphical interface:

  • fully compatible with retina display

  • iPhone / iPad universal app

  • new background image

Improved user experience:

  • slide or tap a piece to move it

  • shake to shuffle

SoHO Viewer update in preparation

An update of SoHO Viewer is currently being prepared.

This update will only bring one thing, but I hope you will agree it will a major improvement.

In the current version, all pictures are re-downloaded while refreshing, even if they haven’t been updated on Nasa’s website. In the new version to come, only updated pictures will be re-downloaded.