Loyd's Puzzle 2.4.0, Rotary Puzzle 1.4.0, Astro Kit 1.1

Summary of last updates:

Astro Kit - 1.1.0

Waiting for review:
Rotary Puzzle 2 - 1.1.0
Rotary Puzzle - 1.4.0
Loyd's Puzzle - 2.4.0


Small idea for iOS games developer

A few days ago I lost a game progress after a back-up.

My point is that level based games could have their progress saved using iCloud. It would allow to sync the progress between multiple devices. It would also prevent losing progress when the application is uninstalled while synchronizing with iTunes.

The Taquin Game

If all goes well, you will soon be able to use the first game software I ever wrote.
Taquin is a puzzle game, where YOU choose the picture you want to use, and the number of pieces.

Two hints mode will be availables:

  • shortly display the solved puzzle,

  • switch between picture pieces and number ones

Localization: English French
An automatic solver might be added in a next version.

Loyd's puzzle/Le jeu du taquin: available in your favorite AppStore

After days of wait, the "Your application is Ready for Sale" mail finally arrived.
You can now buy it for the cheap price of 0.99$ (= 0.79&euroWinking. Evolutions are already scheduled.
For more informations, please visit
Loyd's puzzle