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SpiderChart 3 is your utility application to create, edit and export your spider charts, also known as radar charts, on your phone or tablet.
You need to compare strengths and weaknesses of products, services, or even companies, you want to compare skills or follow a temporal evolution? There is a simple app for that: this one!
This third major version mainly focus on user experience while working on your phone.

• Customize your grid
Choose to display: no grid, polygons, circles, choose how many divisions to show on grid.

• Customize your datasets (elements to be compared)
Choose the stroke and fill color, along with the stroke width.
Create as many as you need (but have at list one)

• Create as much criteria / axis as needed
The only limit is having at least three.

• Use the desired scale
You can change minimum and maximum values, the step between allowed values, globally, or on a criterion by criterion basis (asked by a user).

• See what you are doing!
While customizing your chart, datasets, criteria and changing values you always see your spider chart.

• Stay synced
Your data stay up-to-date on your multiple devices using iCloud.

• Final preview before export (on your phone only)
Zoom and scroll on your chart to check everything is alright before exporting it.

• Is it hard to determine which of the compared element is best?
Enable the enclosed area ratio to display a value between 0 and 1 indicating how much a dataset is filling the chart (asked by a user).

This application is currently localized in:
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Japanese
  • Chinese
spider chart screenshot
spider chart screenshot
spider chart screenshot
spider chart screenshot
spider chart screenshot
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