Updates waiting for review

A small post to talk about the updates currently waiting for review.

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SpiderChart 2.1

As promised an updated version of SpiderChart has been submitted to Apple for validation.

As a fact it was first submitted a week ago but I got to resubmit it after I found an issue with cloud synchronization for devices running on iOS 7.

The interface will remain globally the same, but without wood backgrounds images to better integrate with guidelines for the new iOS.

SpiderChart and iOS 7

In a few days iOS 7 will be released to public, it is a known fact that SpiderChart isn't really running well with this new iOS version.

I am currently working on an update that will fix those issues.

SpiderChart 2.0.1

SpiderChart 2.0.1 is now available on the AppStore, it fixes a bug present in the previous version causing a crash for iPad users.

SpiderChart 2.0 issue

A bug is present in the last update of SpiderChart causing a crash when launched on iPad.

A fixed version is already waiting for Apple's Approval.

I apology for the inconveniences caused by this situation.

SpiderChart 2.0 waiting for review

The longly awaited spiderchart version 2.0 has finally being submitted to Apple, it is currently waiting for review.Read more…

SpiderChart 1.0: waiting for review!

As promised, SpiderChart 1.0 was submitted to apple for validation.
I hope you will see it very soon on your AppStore.

New features :
- database is now synchronized via iCloud
- you can duplicate a spider chart with a long press on the chart list
- you can duplicate a dataset with a long press
- you can choose how to display the grid : no grid, with polygons (like before) or with circles

SpiderChart 1.0

At least the "first real" version of Spiderchart is coming! I plan to submit Spiderchart version 1.0 at the end of this week!