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Maintenance updates status

As indicated in my previous post, I am currently in an update maintenance only phase to smoothly prepare for iOS 8.

First application concerned by this phase: SoHO Viewer.

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Time for some numbers

Now that SoHO Viewer has been downloaded more than 50,000 times (51,1K according to itunesconnect reportings), it is time to give some numbers about it.

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7,000 push notifications users

The last time I wrote in this blog was about two month ago to announce you were more than 6,500 subscribers to SoHO Viewer push notifications.

Well, you are now more than 7,000! I thank you all to continue using my applications Happy

6,500 push notification users

SoHO Viewer is now providing push notification services to more than 6,500 users.Read more…

SoHO Viewer notification push rate improved

Soho Viewer push notifications used to be processed twice an hour.
Since a few hours this process is now executed every three minutes.
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SoHO Viewer: what's really behind the application.

When the SOHO Viewer application refresh its content, the process is a bit more complex than just downloading images from a website. Well, first versions used to do so but since version 2.0 of SoHO Viewer another mechanism is used.
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