Why I built SolvoKu

  • Some projects are made not for the expected result, but for the journey to attain it.

  • SolvoKu was built with this in mind.

  • The first thing I wanted to perform with this project was build an application from scratch using Swift. I already had rewrote an application from Objective-C to Swift and wrote some pieces of code in Swift, but I hadn't yet write a full application fully from scratch.

  • So I decided to start a new project. Why working with sudoku's ? Well, I don't thing we learn a new language only with simple algorithms so I didn't want something too simple or too complicated. In the past I already had worked on a sudoku solver (mostly written in C) but wasn't able to finished it due to personal reasons (I became a father).

  • So, wanted to learn Swift, had an unfinished project, take the two together and you got the motivation to build SolvoKu.