Implementing a Multimedia Application on iPhone: A Case Study

During my studies I participated to the conception of an iPhone application. We were limited by the functionality available at that time in the iOS SDK (iPhone SDK 2.0). My main contribution to this project was to design the multimedia part of this application. We describe animation sequences with images and a mode : linear or loop. A loop sequence will terminate only on event: the device is shaken or the user blows on the microphone. After a sequence is terminated, an other one is started.

I co-authored an article based on this work.

L'informatique quantique : son apport aux processeurs de demain

Still during my studies I had to write a research paper, my assigned topic was quantum computing. You can download here my report, in French.

Knowledge Transfer in Practice - A Socio-technical System for the Transition in Outsourcing.

On October the 5th, 2012, with my former tutor we flight to Barcelona to present what we were working on during my learning at the INSERM.