Work of this week-end

This weekend two changes have been made on this site. First, a migration of the server hosting it, then creating ssl certificates to allow secure access (https instead of http).

To take advantage of the availability of https access, the SoHO and SDO Viewer applications are getting upgraded (new versions are currently waiting for review so should be soon downloadable).

Creating a bytecode based programming language, part 2

This is the long, or not, awaited second post about creating a compiler.

In this post we will talk about parsing a source code.

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Creating a bytecode based programming language, part 1

This is the first of a series of short posts about a subject I am currently working on as a personal side project: creating a compiler to create bytecode based programming languages.

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Implementing a VFS

While trying to implement a Virtual File System, that is to say a virtual representation of an hard drive with its folders and files, there are two main approach to consider:
- a tree based approach
- an absolute parent path approach

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Maintenance updates status

As indicated in my previous post, I am currently in an update maintenance only phase to smoothly prepare for iOS 8.

First application concerned by this phase: SoHO Viewer.

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