Creating a bytecode based programming language, part 2

This is the long, or not, awaited second post about creating a compiler.

In this post we will talk about parsing a source code.

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Creating a bytecode based programming language, part 1

This is the first of a series of short posts about a subject I am currently working on as a personal side project: creating a compiler to create bytecode based programming languages.

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Implementing a VFS

While trying to implement a Virtual File System, that is to say a virtual representation of an hard drive with its folders and files, there are two main approach to consider:
- a tree based approach
- an absolute parent path approach

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Maintenance updates status

As indicated in my previous post, I am currently in an update maintenance only phase to smoothly prepare for iOS 8.

First application concerned by this phase: SoHO Viewer.

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My roadmap for next months

This little post is to present you what I intend to work on for the next months.

As I will be quite busy due to personal and good reasons, I won't be able to make big updates for the time being. So I will focus on some small, maintenance related, application updates, intended to facilitate iOS 8 migration when the time will come.

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